Wk1- Classmate Conversation – Laura Lockett


This week I had the chance to meet Laura Lockett. Laura is a second year Pre-Social Work student, she hopes to apply and get into the Social Work Program soon. Laura is a resident of the city of Long Beach (Go Beach!!). She graduated from Wilson High School in Long Beach where she was also involved in theatre. She currently works at target and also teaches Biology to youth 5-12, so if you need help with Biology you guys know who to go to! In addition we were asked to answer a question in class which was ” Where do you draw the line of what art is”, we both agreed that we don’t. We think that art can be anything! Everything and anything around you can be perceived as art, what may seem like nothing to you, someone else might find a magnificent piece of art from it . It all depends on the way we perceive things. Overall, I had a great conversation with her, she has an amazing easy going personality so don’t be afraid to slide right in her DM’s lol!


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