Wk 2- Classmate Conversations – Alex Miramontes

imageThis week I had the privilege to meet Alex Miramontes. He is a fourth year psychology student here at Csulb who plans to graduate next semester, Spring 2017. Alex is a resident of the city of Carson therefore, he does a daily commute to campus. The biggest thing he hates about the commute is finding parking. (Don’t we all) He is the youngest of five boys and a first generation college student. In addition, he takes his academic success very important. In fact, throughout the years Alex has earned a total of four scholarships. Other than his academic achievements he also loves going to concerts, he attended a couple alternative rock concerts this summer. Another thing he loves is food, he loves Wendy’s. If you ever decide to stop by Wendy’s and don’t know what to order Alex got you! “Get the Wendy’s chicken nuggets with a tropical iced tea, honey mustard and a jr chocolate frosty.” During our in class conversation, while asked the question of the week, Alex concluded that art is definitely needed today because not only is it a way of expression but it also allows people to draw awareness to issues important issues such as politics, social injustice, racism, and many more. Over all, I had a great conversation with Alex he is a very funny person, awesome to talk to.


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