Wk3- Classmate Conversations – Monique Alcala


This week I had the opportunity to meet Monique Alcala. Monique is a fourth year Civil Engineering student here at CSULB. She is a resident of the city of Downey where she also works as a math and science tutor for the Downey Unified School District. She is really passionate about her academics, especially math and science, thus she spends most of her time either working or studying. In the other hand, she also loves music festivals ” I’m a retired raver” she said. She also  mentioned she had the chance to attend a few of them this summer Hard Summer, NRG and the Daddy Yankee and Don Omar concert, being a few of them. She loves piercing and tattoos, she has eight piercings and one tattoo. Although she likes tattoos, she prefers them in places where they aren’t visible. Another thing Monique enjoys is reading, she loves reading feminism books and she definitely considers herself a feminist. Since we did not have an assigned art question this week we made up our own ” If you were an art major what medium would you work in.” Monique said she would work in the field of photography.She took a film class in high school that she enjoyed and made her want to dig deeper in that field. Photography is a beautiful form of art that helps create and preserve memories. “Take a picture it lasts longer.” Overall, Monique was a great person to have a conversation with and if you ever need help with math or science she’s your girl! Check out her website https://moniquealcala.wordpress.com


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