Wk3 – Artist Conversations – Nicole Goudarzian

Exhibit Information

Exhibit Coordinator: Nicole Goudarzian

Exhibition: From Here to There

Media: Photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: Does not have one.

Instagram: @nsleepless

About the Artist

The art exhibit that I decided to take a look in this week was in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. The exhibit was called “From Here to There” this was a very unique exhibit because it was actually an arranged exchanged between the University of Central Florida and California State University, Long Beach. This exchange program actually began a couple years ago and ever since, every semester, one round of exchange occurs.

Because these art pieces do come from across the country we were not able to speak to each of the artist but fortunately we had the privilege to speak to the coordinator of this exchange, Nicole Goudarzian. Nicole has been the coordinator of “From Here to There” for the past two semesters. She is a senior in the CSULB School of Art, working on her Bachelors Degree toward Fine Arts with an emphasis on photography. When we asked Nicole about the exhibit she was very excited to tell us that this semester’s exchange had been the best one yet. In addition she made it clear to us that they were all jury pieces meaning each student had to apply and get their art reviewed and critiqued by a couple jurrors in order for it to be part of the wonderful program. Although Nicole has never had her own art work be part of the exchange, she stated she would love to be part of it and is very confident her art work would be excepted. Thus, at the moment coordinating takes much of her time, but she may consider it in the future.

Walking into the gallery, there were many random photographs on the wall. Each individual photograph had its own theme. One of the art pieces that most stood out to me was the work of Christina Maldonado named “Baby Ladies.” This duo of art pieces stood out to me not only because their vibrant colors but because there was a big picture of a middle finger being stuck out holding a lighter and with the word “feminist” written across it. At first it was very surprising for me to see a picture of a middle finger being out but when I saw the word feminist written across it, it all made sense. I interpreted this picture as a symbol for gender equality. I believe this image wants to portray the fact that male and females are equal and they should both be treated with the same respect. The second portrait was of nine females with different hair styles I perceived this image as ” woman too have the right to express themselves, no judgment needed.” Overall, I feel these image promote woman empowerment and I’m all for that. These images were very powerful and I really enjoyed them.


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