Wk4-Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This week’s art experience was Automatic Drawing!! For this activity I asked my nephew Brandon to help me out. First, Brandon and I grabbed the piece of paper and taped it to our kitchen table so that it would stay flat for us to draw. After fixing up our space we chose we were going to start with the black crayon pastel. At first when we both had a grip on it it was funny because we both just looked at each other waiting to make the first move. My nephew was afraid he was going to ruin it he kept asking ” what are we drawing?” everytime we moved the pastels. Once I told him he was not going to ruin it he began freely moving and drawing but there was just something that kept making us laugh (and he rarely laughs). Once we got the hang of it we both started moving it to hard that we broke the crayon pastel, thus we decided to switch colors. As we were making our art piece my one year old baby niece walked in the kitchen and of course she wanted to help. Once Brandon and I had scribbled for a bit we let her add some finishing touches and she was amazed. She loved it and kept giggling like us. Overall, this was a good experience, I would totally like to try this again but maybe using finger paint that would be awesome!


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