Wk4- Artist Conversations- Cinthia Segovia

Artist: Cinthia Segovia
Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed
Media: Photograohy, Cinematography
Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: Cinthia Segovia.com
Instagram: Personal account only.

This week I decided to visit the Max L. Gatov Gallery East which displayed the exhibition Mexico Already Changed. Cinthia Segovia is the artist behind this exhibition, she is a second year MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) student here at CSULB. Cinthia was born in Mexico City,Mexico where she immigrated from six years ago. Ever since she was young she knew she had a passion for art, but due to the lack of support from her father, she studied mass communications instead. Unlike her father, her mother was and has been very supportive towards her decisions. In Mexico she worked with many telecommunication companies where she gained a lot of knowledge and technical skills that she now incorporates in her own art. She currently teaches at California State University, Northdrige and has been teaching there for the past 3 years. She is also a teaching artist for Artworx LA, Hollywood Heart and a few other non profit organizations.

Cinthia had two parts to her exhibition, the first part was a video. In the video she portrayed the life of a well off Mexican woman who speaks about her plans to leave her country. For her videos, she states she uses a newscast format, which gives her the opportunity to inform. She also tells her “chiste” by using humor and sarcasm to emphasis and exaggerate political and cultural issues. The second part of the exhibit is what caught my attention in the first place it was a machine she called ” el roboto ” which was a small robotic machine. The purpose of this robot was to roam around the gallery questioning the identity of whoever was detected by it like the United States government questions the individuals that want to enter the country. I thought this was an extremely powerful message because it makes me realize how privileged I am to be born in this country and thankful for my parents that had to immigrate and get asked these questions in order to give us a better future as well.

In addition, this being an extremely controversial and self opinionated topic, the gallery but up new warning signs thus, we were not able to photograph any content on her video.


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