Wk5- Art Experience- Painting

This week’s art activity was graffiti art, due to work I was not able to attend the Venice Beach meet up like I would have liked. In the other hand, I made some accommodations after my work meeting I decided to start working on my project. I was a bit hesitant about it at first because I thought it was going to take me forever to do it, but it turned out to be pretty quick. I literally did it in less than 5 minutes! First I grabbed a piece of card board that we had an I decided to practice in it and surprisingly the first try came out almost perfect. Maybe even too perfect, the practice one came about better than my actually one. I found a piece of plywood in my backyard and since it was not that big I decided to write “Soly”, my nickname, instead of my whole name. The letter “S” and the letter “Y” we’re the most complicated ones to draw out. They kept looking funny this I decided to shade around it with the green and then I went back and retraced the letters for more definition. This task was not difficult at all! Overall, I really enjoyed this activity because it was simple and easy, and writing the letters came to me more naturally than I thought it would. I would definitely enjoy doing this activity again!


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