Wk6- Art Activity- Zines or Flipbooks

This  week’s activity was either flip books or zines. At first I automatically thought I was going to do a flip book but because I had no idea what a zine was! Once I looked up the definition of a zine and images of zines I changed my mind and decided I wanted to create my own zine as well. Because I am a horrible drawer I came up with the idea to make it kind of like a collage. Since a zine is basically a mini magazine I decided to cut out pictures from a magazine and make a small collage. Choosing a topic was not difficult at all because the only magazines I had were from Ulta, which is a beauty store and I love make up so I could not complain. I decided to categorize my zine, on the front page I titled it “make up”, the second page was drug store makeup, the third page was high end make up , and finally the last page was faces of woman wearing the make up. With this zine I wanted to portray the fact that woman should not be afraid to express their feelings with makeup, makeup too is a form of art. It does not matter if it’s drug store makeup or high end makeup, as long as you express yourself by blending your face with it. Have fun, don’t be afraid to take risks, be bold at the end of the day nothing is permanent you can just wipe it right off. Overall, I really enjoyed making my zine because not only did I get to browse my make up magazines but I also got to share a few of my favorite products within the zine.


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