Wk 8- Art Experience- Sketching

This week’s art activity was sketching, and what better place to sketch than the Japanese Garden! The first time I visited the Japanese Garden was my senior year of high school which was when my cousin got married. She got married on the bridge of the Japanese Garden and ever since that day I thought it was beautiful. I love scenery, I love nature and taking pictures of it but sketching it, I’m horrible at that! Thus, I was nervous at the fact that we could not erase anything on our paper. For the 10-30 second sketches I began sketching leaves and bushes. for the 5 minute sketch I decided to zoom in and draw the piece of the pond where the bridge was located. That is where the struggle began, I wanted to erase so bad but then I learned to just draw over it and add more lines. Finally, for the last sketch I decided to draw a portion of the pond where a tree and rocks where portrayed. I enjoyed drawing this sketch because I learned that most of it was drawing circles the leafs were vertical circles and ovals and the rocks were horizontal circles and ovals. At the end my final sketch was not that bad for being a horrible sketcher lol. I really enjoyed this activity because it of the setting, the Japanese Garden gave me a sense of relaxation and drawing as well. Overall, I enjoyed the activity and I would definitely go back and visit the Japanese Garden on my free time.


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