Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Aleah Lomeli


This week I had the privilege to meet Aleah Lomeli. She is a resident of the city of Whittier thus, she does a daily commute to school. Aleah is a freshmen Pre- Social Work student at California State University, Long Beach. She plans on going to grad school to UCLA to pursue her Masters in Social Work just like her father. Aleah likes working with kids so she chose to do her work study hours at an elementary school in the District of Long Beach tutoring the children. Other than academics and work, Aleah loves cheerleading; she has actually been a cheer leader for fourteen years, it’s her favorite hobby. Aleah also loves watching Netflix, one of her favorite shows at the moment is One Tree Hill. Her favorite food is Italian food therefore she loves going to the Cheesecake Factory to order her favorite Italian Dish. One thing Aleah and I have in common is our love for Colour Pop, which is an online make up company, for the past two weeks we have asked each other what color lipstick we are wearing and it’s always Colour Pop.

This week we had three questions of the week the first question asked if we would support or child pursuing a career in the field of art and Aleah said yes, she would support her child all the way because since art can be anything she knows her child will find a way to make the best out of his or her degree. For the next question the pie  of art she would share would be the maxing scenery places and museums we have all over Los Angeles. We both want to visit LACMA and The Broad Museum sometime in the near future. Lastly, we opened our phones to find out we have mostly social media apps in common for example: Facebook, Twitter , Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest the usual . Surprisingly none of us had too many game apps on our phone but we did recommend each other some shopping, fashion and picture filter apps. Overall, I enjoyed talking to Aleah she is a really nice and sweet person you should all check out her website https://aleahlomeli28.wordpress.com


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