Wk9- Artist Conversation- Dalia & Daniel

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Vera
Exhibition: Infraction
Gallery: Dr Maxine Merlino Gallery
Instagram: Dalia: @deliaeffect Daniel: @dbvqp
Website: Dalia: n/a Daniel: dbvphotography.com
Media: Photography, Fiber

About the Artist:
Dalia is an undergraduate student at California State University, Long Beach majoring in studio art. Dalia unfortunately was rejected twice from the BFA in Photography program thus she got stuck with studio art. Art runs in her family, her mother does photography and her father does drawing thus she was meant to be an artist. Dalia transferred from Los Angeles City College with the dream of getting into the Photography Program but since her dreams were crushed twice she decided to cope by making her rejections her art show. Another form of art that Dalia enjoys is martial arts and making jewelry. She mentioned she loves her jewelry class she is currently taking and recommends everyone to take it as well.

Daniel is also any art student at California State University, Long Beach currently waiting on his approval to the BFA of Photography Program. Daniel is also a transfer student from the College of the Sequoias which is located near Fresno. Daniel’s intentions are also to get into Photography this being rejected already once from the program . This is actually why he decided to do a collaboration art show with Dalia because at the time they began planning the show is when he received his first rejection letter, although he is still eager to here back from them for his second and last chance to get in the program. Other than being a full time student, Daniel also works therefore on his free time he just likes to sleep and eat anything fast and cheap like any other college student.

When you walk into the exhibition it is kind of dark in there not much lighting. The room is full of yarn connected everywhere with pictures hanging from it. There are pictures on the walls as well, but the pictures are not put in frames like a typical photography exhibit should be; They are just hanging everywhere. One of the first things one notices when walking in is a person with a hoodie sitting in the middle who seems pretty upset. As you look closely there is a second person in the far back corner laying there as well. The people do not seem too happy in fact they seem like something must be wrong.

The name of this exhibition is called Infraction, which can be defined as not following the rules or doing things against the rules. This exhibit basically tells a story, this exhibit came about after not one but two students Dalia and Daniel had their dreams crushed by being rejected from the BFA of Photography Program at California State University, Long Beach. Rejection is such a difficult thing that everyone goes through but not everyone takes it the same way. For these two it was awful being rejected but they decided to cope by making it their art show. Going back to the name of the exhibit, infraction, they decided to cope by rebelling. They went against the rules of Photography by creating pictures and hanging them without frames or any order, pattern or theme at all. They used one single thin piece of yarn to indeed hang all the photographs, the one piece of yarn symbolized how fragile their emotions were at the moment that if one would cut the string everything would fall apart. Another thing they used to convey their emotions were two body figures which were supposed to be Dalia and Daniel sitting down and laying down in a position meant to depict frustration.

The moment I walked into the exhibit it gave me a sense of darkness. The first thing I noticed was the body sitting in the middle of the room. As I looked closely I then noticed the other body laying in the back as well. It felt so real, I felt all the emotions, sad, frustrated, angry just by looking at the way they were positioned you knew exactly what they were meant to convey. In addition, it felt even more real because the bodies were actually wearing Dalia and Daniels own clothes. Overall, this was an awesome exhibition it was very dark but very powerful and emotional and I liked the fact that it actually made the viewers feel the same way too.


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