Wk 10- Fiber Art Social Network

This week’s activity was fiber art social network. This activity was pretty cool because it gives people a chance to see how many people they actually know in our class. On Wednesday we were actually the first people to get to Zucman’s office thus it did not take us too much work . Coming to this course I only knew a couple of people but through art activities and classmate conversations I got to meet some amazing people. Since we were the first to start the activity in the office I did not see much yarn attachments but I wish I could have had a chance to go back and look when it was done I bet it was a crazy ball of yarn everywhere. Overall this activity was fun and gave us a chance to work with new people as well.

For the second part of the activity I decided to make my own social network using my closest family, friends and coworker. It was surprising making this because I got a chance to see how many of the people I knew, know each other through me. It was a lot of people! I enjoyed making this but at the end it turned out a hot mess!

When I think of social networks I think of a place where people can share things and socialize. I would say I do think of my real life friends because those are the people I talk to and share things with on social networks. Yes, I believe Dunbar’s Number makes sense because people cannot keep if with so many friends I believe 150 is a fair amount of people to actually know. I am not someone to have thousands of friends or followers on social networks, personally I have my accounts private and only allow to friend those people I actually know. On my social networks I mostly have family and friends , I do have a couple people and celebrities which I obviously don’t know but I follow them for my benefit. These people might do makeup or Photograohy I like and if I want to keep seeing it I’ll friend them or follow them. Yes, when j was creating my own social network what surprised me the most was the fact that a lot of my friends and family are good friends because I introduced them to each other and I found that a little crazy. I would say my number could be between 40-50 people because I have a huge family and family is always important in my life, acquaintances I have many but real friends are a few that also fall into that number. Actually yes, social media has made me many new friends because when you meet someone new and you really like them or click with them it is awkward to ask for their number this the best thing to do is ask them to add you on a social network that way you can still keep in touch with them. Social network has also offered me job opportunities by keeping in touch with old friends and teachers. Overall I think social networks are a great place to network and keep in touch if they are used in a safe way.


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