Wk10- Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth
Exhibition: Oddments
Media: T-Shirt scraps, denim jeans, thread, yarn
Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: aliciakeyworth.com
Instagram: @aliciakeyworth

About the Artist

Alicia Keyworth is a senior at California State University, Long Beach. Alicia is currently pursuing her BFA in Fiber Arts as well as working on her teaching credentials. She wants to expand her knowledge by teaching art to children from K-12 grade. She mentions she does not have plans on going to grad school right now but it may be something she will consider in the future. Alicia says she has always been interested in art, first she started with graphic design but then she found her passion for fiber art. Since Alicia grew up in Southern California one of the things she enjoys the most is going to the beach. She also states she has a dream project to do a collaboration with a fashion design company. A couple of her favorite are Eileen Fisher and Patagonia, she would love to work with them some day.

When one enters the exhibit one you can see three pieces of clothing hanging a t-shirt, a jumpsuit and a vest. Next to each of the pieces of clothing is a matching bean bag made up of the same material as the item next to it. They are each made up of denim jeans scraps, cotton scraps and yarn.

The thing that inspired Alicia to do her exhibition was her job. She works as a lab technician in the department of fiber in which one of her tasks is to throw away unneeded scraps of material. After watching the documentary “The True Cost” she came up with this whole idea that she should make things out of the “unneeded” material. She put scraps together and made nothing into something. Her goal was to create something that can be left in a gallery setting but still be useful. The items she made are garments that can be seen and appreciated but they can actually also be worn. She states that she wants individuals to question the role of the crisis that is occurring with all the consumerism that is turned into waste.

After visiting this exhibition Alicia did question my role as a consumer. I began thinking of all the clothes I have thrown away because it had a small hole, a missing button or even just because I did not like it anymore. They were all a waste of material; something else could have been created from them. I have learned that beautiful things can come from ugly scraps of you just put some work into it. Alicia created three beautiful garments out of nothing. Imagine how many more things can be created if every individual thought like Alicia, billion! Overall, I really enjoyed the exhibition and my favorite garment was the jumpsuit because it looked like something a model can actually wear on the runway , it is actually wear able not just for show.


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