Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Vincent Santos

This week I got the chance to have a conversation with Vincent Santos, Vince for short. Vince is a fourth year computer engineering student at California State University, Long Beach. He lives in the city of South Gate but does a daily commute to Long Beach. He spends most of his days at school in the basement of the library where many friends get together to study or do their work. Vince works at BJ’s restaurant in the city of Cerritos. His occupation at the restaurant is either doing the dishes or making salads but most of the time it’s making the salads. A few of his friends work at the same restaurant with him as well making his work days go by faster. Having his friends at work make him enjoy doing it. Vince’s current favorite dish from the restaurant is the balsamic chicken, he definitely recommends everyone to try it. Other than academics and work Vince does not have much free time therefore he enjoys his sleep when he can. When we got to speaking about the question of the week Vince responded that fan art is when an individual adds a piece of his or her own style to something that already exists. He believed Demi Lovato was being egoistic when analyzing the drawing because instead of appreciating the fan art, she critiqued it roughly and was worried too much about her self image. We both agreed Demi should not have been so rough, she is a celebrity and should be used to such images and criticism therefore an image such as that should not have bothered her. All in all, it was awesome speaking to Vince, he is a really nice sweet guy and it was easy to have a good conversation with him. If anyone has questions about computer engineering or have questions about any BJ’s dishes especially salads Vince is the guy to go to https://vsantos50.wordpress.com


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