Wk 14- Art Activity- Instagram

This week’s activity was posting on Instagram. I do have a personal Instagram in which I post on but I don’t post too often. At first I did not like the idea that I had to post so much in one day because I thought my followers were going to get annoyed but then I got over it and started posting. My first post was the Csulb pyramid. I snapped a shot of the pyramid because it is located at school where I spend most of my Wednesdays at. My second post was a picture of pizza, I made homemade pizza for dinner pepperoni and pineapple, yes pineapple I love pineapple on my pizza! I know many people find that weird lol. My third post was my baby niece Alyssa and I captioned it “Baddie Diapers” because now that she learned how to walk she is all over the place! I posted the picture of her because she does live with me and I spend most of my time at home with her she even calls me “Mum”. My last post I felt like I was getting annoying with all the posting so i captioned it “last one” and it was a selfie waiting for the shuttle after class. With my posts I wanted my classmates to see what my days consist of which are school, food and my baby niece. As I clicked the hashtag #Art110f16 I saw many of my classmates post were also food, selfies, or a picture of a loved one. I found it interesting how everyone’s post were so similar. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and it gave me a chance to connect more with some of my classmates.




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