Wk14- Classmate Conversation- Selena Lara


This week I had the privilege to do my artist conversation with Selena Lara. I have done a few activities with her through out this course but I had never had a chance to do an artist conversation . Selena is a fourth year student at California State University, Long Beach seeking her Bachelors degree in Healthcare. At first Selena had no intentions of coming to college but her parents forced her because she would be the first in her family to go to college and achieve her degree. She is glad and thankful that her parents forced her to get her education because now she loves her major and cannot wait to actually start working in her field. As for grad school, she is thinking about it but if she gets lucky and obtains a job right after graduation she says she will hold off on it. Other than academics Selena loves taking walks at the beach and at the mall as well as watching Netflix . Her favorite Netflix show is Grey’s Anatomy although right now she admits she is binge watching Desperate Housewives. A fun fact about Selena is that she loves collecting nail polishes! Selena is an amazing person to talk to we seemed to click right away, her personality is awesome!



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