Wk 15- EC: Feedback

This class was one of my favorite classes this semester. This class opened my eyes and made me view art at a whole different level. My three favorite activities were Plaster Casting, Graffiti Art and Instagram.I enjoyed Plaster Casting because it was something I had never done before. I had no idea how to do it but once I learned t was fun; it was fun learning and experiencing something new even though the results were not the best. Another one of my favorite activities was Graffiti Art, I thought it was cool how we got to make our own art out of Graffiti. Living in the city of Compton, I grew up around graffiti but i always had a bad perception towards it. This activity made me realize that now all Graffiti is bad and that there are many amazing art pieces using graffiti. Instagram was my other favorite activity, I liked how Zucman incorporated something so poplular in outr generation towards his class assignment. I also liked how we got a chance to see what was going on in our classmates day by searching up the hashtag. Overall, I really enjoyed these three activities.

The three activities that were my least favorite were landscape with a corpse, Automatic drawing and Vlogs. The activity of landscape with a corpse came in a bad week, during that week is when a childhood friend unfortunately passed away and I found it kind of weird and awkward even disrespectful posting a photo as if I were dead. Due to that reason I did not participate in the activity but if it was not for that the activity would have been pretty cool, I enjoyed some of my classmates pictures. The Automatic Drawing Activity was okay, but i did not enjoy it as much as the other activities. Lastly, the Vlogs was one that I was afraid of. I hate public speaking or in this case speaking in front of a camera, that activity did take time and unfortunately I did not get to do it.

This class was an awesome class, I loved how we only met once a week and it was hybrid. Turning in our assignments through our blogs was an awesome idea and I really enjoyed it. I also liked the fact that Zucman made us do classmate conversations because it was a great way of meeting new people. Going to the galleries was also  fun because we got to see a huge variety of art projects. Overall,I really enjoyed the class and I am glad i got to be a part of it.





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