Wk 15- EC: Feedback

This class was one of my favorite classes this semester. This class opened my eyes and made me view art at a whole different level. My three favorite activities were Plaster Casting, Graffiti Art and Instagram.I enjoyed Plaster Casting because it was something I had never done before. I had no idea how to do it but once I learned t was fun; it was fun learning and experiencing something new even though the results were not the best. Another one of my favorite activities was Graffiti Art, I thought it was cool how we got to make our own art out of Graffiti. Living in the city of Compton, I grew up around graffiti but i always had a bad perception towards it. This activity made me realize that now all Graffiti is bad and that there are many amazing art pieces using graffiti. Instagram was my other favorite activity, I liked how Zucman incorporated something so poplular in outr generation towards his class assignment. I also liked how we got a chance to see what was going on in our classmates day by searching up the hashtag. Overall, I really enjoyed these three activities.

The three activities that were my least favorite were landscape with a corpse, Automatic drawing and Vlogs. The activity of landscape with a corpse came in a bad week, during that week is when a childhood friend unfortunately passed away and I found it kind of weird and awkward even disrespectful posting a photo as if I were dead. Due to that reason I did not participate in the activity but if it was not for that the activity would have been pretty cool, I enjoyed some of my classmates pictures. The Automatic Drawing Activity was okay, but i did not enjoy it as much as the other activities. Lastly, the Vlogs was one that I was afraid of. I hate public speaking or in this case speaking in front of a camera, that activity did take time and unfortunately I did not get to do it.

This class was an awesome class, I loved how we only met once a week and it was hybrid. Turning in our assignments through our blogs was an awesome idea and I really enjoyed it. I also liked the fact that Zucman made us do classmate conversations because it was a great way of meeting new people. Going to the galleries was also  fun because we got to see a huge variety of art projects. Overall,I really enjoyed the class and I am glad i got to be a part of it.





Wk 15- Artist Conversation: Sovanchan Sorn & Patricia Martin

Artist: Sovanchan Sorn

Sovanchan Sorn is an undergraduate BFA of Fiber student at California State University, Long Beach. She is a resident of the city of Long Beach and also an Alumni of Long Beach City College where she immediately transferred from. She has quite a background on sculpture but fiber is her passion. She loves working with fiber because fiber can be anything that can be moved or manipulated and has full control of what she would like to do with the material. She likes having the power to decide what is going to be created with the material. Other than fiber her hobbies are spending time with her family and eating. Her favorite food is Thai food, pasta, french fries and anything that has carbs overall.

Artist: Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin is currently in her first semester in the MFA of Fiber program in the California State University, Long Beach. Since the age of 16 Martin wanted to work with fiber, however she worked with wood, print making and metal instead. She stated that fiber is the main focus thus, she mainly works with thread and string. She loves working with tye dye, above is a picyure of her work.

Wk 15- Art Activity: Finger Painting


This week’s activity was finger painting! Finger painting was always awesome because you got to get all messy and paint everywhere. This week being the closest week to finals week has been extremely busy and finger painting felt like a little relief. Instead of worrying about finals I got to get my fingers dirty and paint. The colors i got in my art activity package were black, orange and purple which reminded me of Halloween for some reason. When i was painting at first I started by making circular motion all around, then i started doing stripes and as I progressed i just began putting paint everywhere. If I had more time to do this activity it would have probably been a better picture but since its finals week this is what I came up with. Overall, this activity was pretty fun and got my mind off of finals for a bit.

Wk 14- Art Activity- Instagram

This week’s activity was posting on Instagram. I do have a personal Instagram in which I post on but I don’t post too often. At first I did not like the idea that I had to post so much in one day because I thought my followers were going to get annoyed but then I got over it and started posting. My first post was the Csulb pyramid. I snapped a shot of the pyramid because it is located at school where I spend most of my Wednesdays at. My second post was a picture of pizza, I made homemade pizza for dinner pepperoni and pineapple, yes pineapple I love pineapple on my pizza! I know many people find that weird lol. My third post was my baby niece Alyssa and I captioned it “Baddie Diapers” because now that she learned how to walk she is all over the place! I posted the picture of her because she does live with me and I spend most of my time at home with her she even calls me “Mum”. My last post I felt like I was getting annoying with all the posting so i captioned it “last one” and it was a selfie waiting for the shuttle after class. With my posts I wanted my classmates to see what my days consist of which are school, food and my baby niece. As I clicked the hashtag #Art110f16 I saw many of my classmates post were also food, selfies, or a picture of a loved one. I found it interesting how everyone’s post were so similar. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and it gave me a chance to connect more with some of my classmates.



Wk14- Classmate Conversation- Selena Lara


This week I had the privilege to do my artist conversation with Selena Lara. I have done a few activities with her through out this course but I had never had a chance to do an artist conversation . Selena is a fourth year student at California State University, Long Beach seeking her Bachelors degree in Healthcare. At first Selena had no intentions of coming to college but her parents forced her because she would be the first in her family to go to college and achieve her degree. She is glad and thankful that her parents forced her to get her education because now she loves her major and cannot wait to actually start working in her field. As for grad school, she is thinking about it but if she gets lucky and obtains a job right after graduation she says she will hold off on it. Other than academics Selena loves taking walks at the beach and at the mall as well as watching Netflix . Her favorite Netflix show is Grey’s Anatomy although right now she admits she is binge watching Desperate Housewives. A fun fact about Selena is that she loves collecting nail polishes! Selena is an amazing person to talk to we seemed to click right away, her personality is awesome!


Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Raylyn Diep


This week I had the opportunity to meet Raylyn Diep and have a conversation with her. Raylyn is a second year student at California State University, Long Beach. She is from the city of Garden Grove. She is currently undeclared but is thinking about going into Bio Chemistry. Raylyn actually works at a doctors office as a receptionist but helps with many other tasks as needed. Other than academics she likes spending her time going to the park to walk her dog and also watching two of her favorite shows ” The Office”, and “How I met your.” As for the question of the week Raylyn decided she would take the blue pill because she would rather stay in reality than stay in a dream land . check her website out https://rdiepart110.wordpress.com

Wk12- Artist Conversation- Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: n/a

About the Artist:
Sage Garver is an undergraduate BFA of sculpture student at California State University Long Beach. She is a resident of Hermosa Beach who does a daily commute to school. In high school Sage was more interested in drawing but as she began taking more art classes she began to have a passion for sculpture. She liked sculpture because you actually get to make A 3D object with your hands rather than just a flat surface. Other than art, Sage likes to go on hikes especially by the beach, her favorite spot is Palos Verdes. As for graduate school, she does not plan on going any time soon but maybe will decide on it later in the future.

As one walk in to the exhibition one is surrounded by white walls with many different bubbles on it. When you walk in there you actually feel like you’re in a cell. The shapes remind you of lysosomes floating everywhere and then you see a few shapes that may remind you of an endoplasmic reticulum. The feel in the room is definitely science and biology.

BIO is about Sage Garver’s illnesses that she’s had throughout her life. Through this exhibition she wanted to create a physical experience of the human body for her viewers to experience. Each shape in the exhibition represented a part of a cell. The bubbles were supposed to represent lysosomes, the squiggles were the endoplasmic reticulum and the centerpiece with the chains was supposed to represent the nucleus. The bubbles were purposely white because she wanted it to seem as if they were emerging from the wall all as one entity. They were inspired by shapes she saw using a microscope then formed by a computer and carved then shaped my foam.

Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Kyle Kruse


Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: wood carving, print making and sculpture
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: kylekruseart.com
Instagram: @kyle.kruse

About the Artist
Kyle Kruse is a sixth year undergraduate student in the BFA program of print making at the California State University, Long Beach. He actually graduated already but came back this semester to finish his senior exhibition. Kyle says he began his passion for art at a young age, he states he lived near a junk yard thus would visit it often and start making things out of the junk. Another one of his influences towards art were his grandparents whom collected many art pieces and influenced sculpture and drawing into his life. Kyle is definitely interested in attending graduated schools, a couple of his dream schools are Yale and The School of Visual Arts in New York, he admits they are “big shot” but hopes to achieve his dream and get into one of them. Because of his insomnia, he does not get much sleep this uses this time to work on his art projects. Other than school and art, Kyle enjoys going rock climbing and going out to eat curry on his free time.

Before walking in the exhibit you see a black curtain draping down the door. Once you enter, it is dark and kind of even scary. The only light is focused on three carvings placed in the room. There is a weird vibe in the room which Kyle describes as the inability to correlate. One feels as if we do not recognize or understand the setting thus still have the need to react to it.

The exhibition Janus Maxim is about “the void” in space. “The void” is the philosophical idea of nothingness manifested. The idea in which there are thousands of year cycles that speak about progression in space between reality, memory, the object, and what falls between what you are and what you remember. This whole concept is inspired by the myths of Promethus, Janus and Sisyphus. Promethus is best knows as the deity in Greek mythology who was the creator in mankind and its greatest benefactor, who stole fire from amount Olympus and gave it to mankind. Janus is the God of beginnings, gates, transitions, times, doorways, passages and endings. Lastly, Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra whom was punished for self aggrandizing craftiness and deceitful was by being forced to roll an immense Boulder up a hill, only to watch it come back to hit him, repeating his action for eternity. Each of the carving in the exhibition are distinct and are accompanied with a patterned cloth that represents something different.

This exhibition was really different from the others I have encountered. It was dark and more difficult to understand. If Kyle himself would not have explained it to us I would have been kind of lost and stuck with the scary feeling. Thus after his explanation I was able to interpret the exhibit a bit more. I enjoyed the mask carvings displayed, they were very detailed. Overall, it was a new experience and I’m glad I was able to critique and analyze this exhibit.

Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Vincent Santos

This week I got the chance to have a conversation with Vincent Santos, Vince for short. Vince is a fourth year computer engineering student at California State University, Long Beach. He lives in the city of South Gate but does a daily commute to Long Beach. He spends most of his days at school in the basement of the library where many friends get together to study or do their work. Vince works at BJ’s restaurant in the city of Cerritos. His occupation at the restaurant is either doing the dishes or making salads but most of the time it’s making the salads. A few of his friends work at the same restaurant with him as well making his work days go by faster. Having his friends at work make him enjoy doing it. Vince’s current favorite dish from the restaurant is the balsamic chicken, he definitely recommends everyone to try it. Other than academics and work Vince does not have much free time therefore he enjoys his sleep when he can. When we got to speaking about the question of the week Vince responded that fan art is when an individual adds a piece of his or her own style to something that already exists. He believed Demi Lovato was being egoistic when analyzing the drawing because instead of appreciating the fan art, she critiqued it roughly and was worried too much about her self image. We both agreed Demi should not have been so rough, she is a celebrity and should be used to such images and criticism therefore an image such as that should not have bothered her. All in all, it was awesome speaking to Vince, he is a really nice sweet guy and it was easy to have a good conversation with him. If anyone has questions about computer engineering or have questions about any BJ’s dishes especially salads Vince is the guy to go to https://vsantos50.wordpress.com

Wk 10- Fiber Art Social Network

This week’s activity was fiber art social network. This activity was pretty cool because it gives people a chance to see how many people they actually know in our class. On Wednesday we were actually the first people to get to Zucman’s office thus it did not take us too much work . Coming to this course I only knew a couple of people but through art activities and classmate conversations I got to meet some amazing people. Since we were the first to start the activity in the office I did not see much yarn attachments but I wish I could have had a chance to go back and look when it was done I bet it was a crazy ball of yarn everywhere. Overall this activity was fun and gave us a chance to work with new people as well.

For the second part of the activity I decided to make my own social network using my closest family, friends and coworker. It was surprising making this because I got a chance to see how many of the people I knew, know each other through me. It was a lot of people! I enjoyed making this but at the end it turned out a hot mess!

When I think of social networks I think of a place where people can share things and socialize. I would say I do think of my real life friends because those are the people I talk to and share things with on social networks. Yes, I believe Dunbar’s Number makes sense because people cannot keep if with so many friends I believe 150 is a fair amount of people to actually know. I am not someone to have thousands of friends or followers on social networks, personally I have my accounts private and only allow to friend those people I actually know. On my social networks I mostly have family and friends , I do have a couple people and celebrities which I obviously don’t know but I follow them for my benefit. These people might do makeup or Photograohy I like and if I want to keep seeing it I’ll friend them or follow them. Yes, when j was creating my own social network what surprised me the most was the fact that a lot of my friends and family are good friends because I introduced them to each other and I found that a little crazy. I would say my number could be between 40-50 people because I have a huge family and family is always important in my life, acquaintances I have many but real friends are a few that also fall into that number. Actually yes, social media has made me many new friends because when you meet someone new and you really like them or click with them it is awkward to ask for their number this the best thing to do is ask them to add you on a social network that way you can still keep in touch with them. Social network has also offered me job opportunities by keeping in touch with old friends and teachers. Overall I think social networks are a great place to network and keep in touch if they are used in a safe way.